Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Business of Art

Today I want to share a few links with you about some inspiring websites that discuss the business of art.
I felt the need to share these sites because I am often asked about how to turn art into a business.
Although I can offer what I hope are valuable tips, these women know how to coach creative people into realizing their dreams.
They also offer some ideas that might get you thinking differently about your art and how to turn it into a business.

These websites are:

Maria is the wife, agent, and brand manager to Drew Brophy, a well known surf artist.
Her expertise lies in licensing, promoting, and branding art.
She is also a coach for those wishing to brand their own art and creative lifestyle.

Another website which I would like to mention is:

Monica Lee has many inspiration interviews with other creative people who are out there selling their art.
These interviews offer many ideas and tips on how to reach out to your audience.

Hope you find these helpful.
I have.

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