Tuesday, July 21, 2015

NWWS Diamond Anniversary Celebration

Me demonstrating at the Northwest Watercolor Society Convention

On July 11, I had the opportunity to demonstrate at the Northwest Watercolor Society's Diamond Celebration in Seattle. What an event! I had a full class of 50 people to watch and help me pour paint.
It was fantastic to meet so many talented and wonderful watercolor zealots. 

Here I am again showing how to move paint around. I had some very willing participants that helped me as well. They did a fabulous job!

This photo is of me being like Julia Child. Since I had so little time to demonstrate and the painting takes so long to dry, I had one all ready to pull out from my magic bag.

These are the different stages of the painting all lined up and drying.

Here I am with some amazing artists, Birgit O'Conner, Judy Morris, and Marcia Giant. So lucky I was able to hang out with these incredibly talented ladies.

Me and the famous Judy Morris standing in front of my painting, Fish Food, that is hung at the Daniel Smith store in Seattle.

And here is the finished painting:

Hotel Don Curro
Malaga, Spain
poured watercolor

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