Monday, February 20, 2017

Elmer the Elephant Scissors

Elmer the Elephant Scissors

One of the illustrations that did not make it into my book is of my favorite pair of scissors.
They are my favorite pair because they remind me of the story of Elmer the Elephant that I use to read to my children when they were small. 
I'm not sure where I bought them but had to add them to my collection of art supplies as soon as I found them. 
I wanted to paint these scissors for the book but with constraints on space and the plethora of information and images that needed to be included, they didn't make it in. 

To go along with the idea of my photos being turned into paintings, this the image being considered:

 (the scissors are painted and the scrub sponge is the photo)

To see more about Elmer, you can view a video of the book being read here.

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